16 january 2021
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USD 72.00 75.00
EUR 87.50 90.50
GBP 97.10 103.10
CHF 79.80 85.80
JPY* 67.80 73.80
* 100 units 
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USD 70.45 76.45
EUR 86.00 92.00
GBP 97.08 103.08
CHF - -
JPY* - -
* 100 units 
The current exchange rates should be specified in the Bank offices.
18 january 2021
Val Rate
USD 73.5453
EUR 89.2546
GBP 100.3599
CHF 82.7467
JPY* 70.9246
* 100 units 

phone: + 7 (495) 232-2067
fax: + 7 (495) 232-2067
e-mail: info@interprombank.ru

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About the Bank

Data in Brief

Year of Establishment: Joint Stock Commercial Bank «Interprombank» was established in 1995.
License: General Banking License No. 3266, dated March 17, 2015 
Capital: Shareholders’ Equity (capital): 7.45 billion RUB (as at 01.04.2017)


INTERPROMBANK is a universal financial institution that offers comprehensive banking services and provides wide opportunities for proprietary funds management. The main business lines of the Bank include provision of services for individuals and companies, operations in foreign exchange, money and stock markets, financial and legal consulting.

Operational Principles

INTERPROMBANK adheres to a customer-centric approach and is committed to a principle of long-term relations with the customers and partners. The Bank’s intensive activity is aimed at improvement of the quality of provided services and development of banking technologies. New financial products and advanced methods introduced by the Bank enabled it to create optimal conditions for provision of quality services based on the individual approach and consideration of interests of every customer.

Customer Base

The Bank’s Customer Base includes more than 27 000 corporate customers and individuals.

Participation in Programs

INTERPROMBANK is a member of the Mandatory Deposit Insurance System, member of "Zolotaya Korona – Money Transfer" and Western Union systems, a partner of United Settlement System (USS), and a partner of  Card Garant, banking cards insurance company. Federal Customs Service of Russia included the Bank  in the Register of credit organizations entitled to issue bank guarantees for customs charges payment.

Performance Efficiency

INTERPROMBANK performance indicators testify to the effect that it is an effective financial institution capable to ensure its sustainability, sound financial position in the markets, highly liquid assets and reliability of banking operations; this is acknowledged by the Bank’s credit ratings assigned by the agencies such as Moody’s Investors Service and National Rating Agency on a regular basis.

Membership in Organizations

INTERPROMBANK is a member of the major business and professional financial communities of Russia, and International Payment Systems such as MasterCard Worldwide and VISA International, International Interbank System SWIFT.

International Settlements

The Bank’s correspondent accounts in major hard currencies of the world and most popular currencies of the CIS and Baltic countries enable the Bank to fully satisfy the needs of customers and contracting parties in the field of international settlements and documentary operations. The Bank has correspondent relationships with 50 banks in Russia and other countries.